Thursday, September 17, 2015

"I know, I'm a Ref" - Those dreaded words from a player

I get this 9 or 10 times a season from a player who is patently NOT a referee, but probably stood on the centre spot once for his son's Under 9s game. The latest was from a goalkeeper who took exception when I warned him about taking too long to fly kick the ball.
His logic was confused when he approached me at half time to explain the Laws of the Game.
There may be a 6 second rule, but it only counts from when I start preparing to take the kick, he explained.
I sighed inwardly, biting my tongue.
"Tell you what keeper," I said. "Humour me. Make it 6 seconds from when you pick the ball up to when you kick it. Just to make me happy."
"OK ref," he said cheerily and wandered off for his half-time smoke.
Over the last few years I've met several goalkeepers who have informed that the six second law no longer applies.
Now, it appears, goalies think they can basically take as long as they like to re-start play.
Players do get annoyed when their team is losing and they see a goalie ambling slowly back to get the ball.
A ref can't really stop his watch every time the 'keeper takes 15 seconds longer then he should to get the ball, but he should really only get one warning that he's taking too long to take drop outs. Then it's an indirect free kick in a dangerous position, for which his team will not thank him.
One tip - give the goalie his warning from a long way away so that everyone knows he's on a warning.

Friday, September 11, 2015

It was lino at other end of the pitch who disallowed Palace goal for offside

It's very rare indeed that the assistant referee at the far end of the pitch from the action gets closely involved in play. But I've just found out that's exactly what happened in the Premier League game between Crystal Palace and Aston Villa last month, when Palace had a goal eventually disallowed for offside.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Nothing like the real thing to raise the blood pressure

Friendlies are all well and good but it was obvious that real competition had started up again - especially from the 9 yellow cards I dished out over 2 games on Saturday and Sunday.
On Saturday I reffed a cracking 3-3 draw between Div One teams. It was a hard game but exciting and I enjoyed being up with play much more often, having shed almost 30 kilos (fouir and a half stone).

Friday, September 04, 2015

Never been so well prepared for a season

On Saturday I'll be reffing my first elague game of the season. Coincidentally the game is exactly the same feature as I ended last season with, in Division One of the Kent County League.
But in many ways, things could not be more different.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

You Are The Lino - Test your ability to spot offside

Test your ability to spot the correct offside decision.

One tip: It's a bloody sight harder than it looks!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Offside problems are not going to go away and changes just make it harder

Running the line was hard enough already without a tweak to the law that has, in my opinion and based on my experience in the first game of the season, made it virtually impossible to implement the laws correctly and consistently.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

No excuses for Bournemouth officals - but they won't be looking for them

In footballing debate, it's fashionable - and often de rigueur - to lurch to one end of the argument or the other just to make oneself heard over the hubbub of noise surrounding the issues.
But when it comes to discussion of last night's cock-up by the refereeing team at Anfield, the best reaction is probably - unless you're a resident of a certain south coast resort - to shrug your shoulders, make sure lessons are learnt form mistakes and move on.
I can make several serious excuses for the officials in last night's game, but the bottom line is that a mistake by one Assistant Referee was compounded by referee Craig Pawson also failing to spot that Moutinho should have been penalised for offside and Christian Benteke's goal disallowed.
It was the only goal of the game and Bournemouth left Liverpool with no points instead of a distinctly encouraging point.